Prismatic Modular Custom Coated Water Tanks

Prismatic Modular Custom Coated Water Tanks

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The most important feature of Berrak Mechanic's modular water tanks is that the water tanks may be transported in parts and these parts gets mounted together in the place where the tank will be used. Also if needed, it is possible to increase the volume of the tank in its place or easily demount and build the tank in another location. You may also build your own tank with the features and dimensions that you desire.

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Longer Life with Custom Coating

Since the custom coated tanks are resistant to corrosion, they are preferred in potable water tanks, pool balance tanks, tanks that are using well-water and for acid water uses. Thanks to its custom coating, it provides a longer life and healthier use compared to other regular stainless and galvanized tanks.

Advantages of Modular Water Tank

  • Custom coated tanks have high resistance to corrosion. (such as sea water and well water).
  • Custom coating is generally applied to galvanized tanks, optionally it may also be applied to stainless tanks.
  • Maintenance cost of custom coated tanks is lesser than other tank types.
  • Problems which are occurring in other tank types like bacteria, corrosion etc. does not occur in custom coated tanks.
  • Since our custom coating applications are applied upon galvanized steel, they are extra durable.
  • The custom coating application is extra resistant to moisture, damp or sweating.
  • Custom coated tanks are resistant to impacts and scratches.
  • The assembly and transportation of custom coated tanks is quite simple as they are separated in parts (modular).
  • Custom coated tanks may be used in any environment. (in open - closed areas or underground)


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