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Prismatic Modular Stainless and Galvanized Water Tanks

Prismatic Modular Custom Coated Water Tanks

Prismatic Modular GRP Water Tanks

Cylindrical Welded Stainless Water Tanks

Application Areas of Prismatic Modular Water Tanks

Our products are used in residences, public and private institutions and organizations, hospitals,
hotels and educational institutions, shopping malls, parks and gardens, industry, agriculture and animal husbandry facilities.

Prismatic Modular

Water Tanks

Berrak Mechanic; keeps producing Prismatic modular 304 - 316 stainless water tanks, Prismatic modular pre - hot submerse galvanized water tanks, Prismatic modular custom coated water tanks, Prismatic modular grp water tanks and Cylindrical welded stainless water tanks.

Berrak Water Tank

Advantages of Use

It consists of completely modular and bolted construction. It is easy to install or transport the tank modules horizontally or vertically which are shipped as disassembled. It can be easily moved to the installation site by being passed through narrow places in separate parts. It is more economical, durable and hygienic than welded and reinforced concrete water tanks. Prismatic modular water tanks; does not form mildew, fungus, bacteria and algae.

  • It is resistant to temperature: it does not deform, stretch or break under the cold or sun.
  • The water temperature does not rise: the reflected sun rays do not raise the water temperature thanks to the mirror surface.
  • It is resistant to rust and corrosion: It has a long-lasting life, your water remains clean for a long time without degrading its quality.
  • Unique design: Creatures such as insects and mosquitoes cannot enter your tank and pollute your water.
water tank of good quality
Build Your Water Tank

The most important feature of Berrak Mechanic's modular water tanks is that the water tanks may be transported in parts and these parts gets mounted together in the place where the tank will be used. Also if needed, it is possible to increase the volume of the tank in its place or deasily demount and build the tank in another location. You may also build your own tank with the features and dimensions that you desire.

Build Your Water Tank Now
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