20 December 2018, Thursday

We Were at ISK SODEX 2016 Fair.

Our Stainless and Galvanized prismatic modular water tank products and the custom coated and GRP prismatic modular water tanks, which are the newest products in their class, attracted great interest from our visitors.

We would like to express that we are extremely satisfied with the intense interest and attention we encounter, and we would like to thank our visitors, suppliers, colleagues and solution partners who visited our stand and honoured us.

Other News

Having proven its success and quality in a short time all around the country in the field of prismatic modular water tanks, Berrak Mechanics moved to its new address in order to provide better quality service. Thanks to its new production facility, Berrak Mechanics aims to prove its domestic success at abroad as well.

Berrak Mechanics is Now at its New Address

20 February 2020, Thursday

Berrak Mechanics family gathered at the Iftar Table to feel the Ramadan’s Blessing together. Thanks to our invitees.

Berrak Mechanics Family Gathered at Traditional Iftar Dinner Organization - 2017

20 December 2018, Thursday

AISI 304 quality stainless steel storage tanks are ideal for storing drinking water, food, olive oil and cosmetics. Thanks to its light-proof structure and smooth inner surface, no growth of bacteria, algae, and fungi may be observed in the water. Substances with proven carcinogenic effects do not mixes up with your water. It is highly resistant to rust and corrosion, you may use it for years without the need for maintenance. By using high production technology, material and labour costs have been reduced and made economical. They are quality, modern, long-lasting and recyclable nature-friendly products in a wide capacity range from 80 lt to 3000 lt with vertical or horizontal installing options. These water tanks does not deform in cold or under the sun, does not stretch or break, the reflected sun rays does not raise the water temperature thanks to the mirror surface, they are long lasting, your water remains clean for a long time without degradation, creatures such as insects and mosquitoes cannot enter your tank and pollute your water, they are lightweight, their instalment and cleaning are very easy and economical.

Our Production of Cylindrical Welded Stainless Water Tanks has Started

20 December 2018, Thursday

Longer lasting with its custom coating Since the custom coated tanks are resistant to corrosion, they are preferred in potable water tanks, pool balance tanks, tanks that are using well-water and for acid water uses. Thanks to its custom coating, it provides a longer life and healthier use compared to other regular stainless and galvanized tanks. FAIR PRICE HIGH QUALITY!

Our Production of Custom Coated Prismatic Modular Water Tank has Started

18 March 2019, Monday