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Modular water tanks are tanks obtained by combining many modules in specified dimensions by means of gaskets and bolts, produced in prism shapes and used to store clean water. It is also known as modular water tank in the sector. The modular structure of the water tank facilitates shipment and installation processes. It is also one of the reasons for preference that the water tank can be assembled in the area where it will be installed.


Many materials serving different purposes are used in the manufacture of modular water tanks. Modular water tanks can be manufactured as AISI 304L stainless steel, AISI 316 stainless steel, hot dip galvanized, pregalvanized steel, epoxy coated steel and Pucuat/Polyurethane coated according to the intended use.


Modular water tanks are resistant to heat and cold. Problems such as deformation under the sun or in the cold do not occur. By contacting our company, which is one of the leading manufacturers of modular water tanks in Turkey, you can order water tanks in any size and dimension you want.


Berrak Mekanik, which follows the latest technologies while manufacturing rusting water tanks; With its modern machine park, it realizes high quality productions with high manufacturing standards that will meet the expectations of every sector. We work with the guarantee of high quality, fine workmanship and high standards of product delivery in water tank manufacturing. We are a water tank manufacturer that will meet the water storage needs of every sector with our experience and the most suitable new generation machine parks for the job and our experienced workforce who can manage them professionally.

Modular Water Tank Types

Prismatic modular water tanks use gaskets and bolts in their joints to prevent leakage problems. In addition to being clean and hygienic, they are extremely high quality and long-lasting.

  • Stainless Galvanized Coated Modular Water Tank (Hot Dip Galvanized Water Tank)
  • Prismatic Modular Water Tank
  • Domestic Modular Water Tank
  • GRP Modular Water Tank (Glass Rainforced Polyester, Glass Reinforced Polyester Water Tank)
  • Special Coated Water Tank
  • Cylindrical Welded Water Tank

Modular Water Tank Prices

The prices of modular water tanks vary according to factors such as capacity, properties of the materials used, assembly and transportation. As Berrak Mekanik, we produce modular water tanks in desired tonnages and sizes. Water tank prices are determined depending on the material, size and features you choose.


We have different material options for the modular tanks you want to use in your project. You can get a price quote for the modular water tank you want by contacting us. You can also get modular water tank price information from the "Create Your Tank" section on our website.


The feature of modular warehouses is that they are economical for the manufacturer and user compared to old warehouses. The strength of the panels made with the press method is higher than the old tanks.


It is impossible to produce moss, rust and odor due to the alloy of our own production panels. For this reason, our product is much healthier than other hair and similar products.


Our water tanks, which are completely produced with AISI 304-L quality (18/10 Cr-Ni) stainless steel, can be used for many years without losing their properties without any problems other than deliberate damage and deformations.


It can be installed completely modular and demounted. Determine the modular water tank dimensions you want from the "Create Your Tank" section on our site. It is very easy to transport, transport and assemble. When requested, it can be disassembled and reinstalled in the desired location or its volume can be increased.


Its economic life is much longer than other water tanks.
Low weight, easy to transport.
Corrosion resistant and healthy.
No electrical conductivity.
Their thermal conductivity is very low.
They have dimensional stabilization.
It does not pass UV rays into the warehouse.
Does not harbor algae in the warehouse.
Does not require painting or maintenance.
Can be easily installed in open and closed areas.
It has high transportation capacity.
It is manufactured in accordance with food regulations.
It is much more hygienic than all other warehouses.
Panels can be produced as insulated.

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