Galvanized Prismatic Modular Water Tank

Galvanized Prismatic Modular Water Tank

Prismatic modular water tanks are a type of water tank whose parts are produced modularly in the factory, hygienized and designed to pass through the narrowest places. This type of modular water tanks can be used for purposes such as drinking water, garden irrigation, fire water, water storage with high pH value, agricultural field irrigation depending on the type of material used.

Modular water tanks can be manufactured in AISI 304L stainless steel, AISI 316 stainless steel, hot dip galvanized, pregalvanized steel, epoxy coated steel and Pucuat/Polyurethane coated depending on the intended use. These water tanks are used in residences, public institutions, private institutions, hotels, hospitals, educational institutions, shopping centers and industrial facilities.

Prismatic water tanks consist of completely modular and bolted construction. The disassembled tank modules are easy to transport, horizontal-vertical transportation and assembly. It is much more economical, durable and hygienic than welded water tanks.

Prismatic stainless modular water tanks are completely hygienic. These modular tanks are resistant to corrosion and mold, fungus, bacteria and algae formation is not observed.

Prismatic modular water tanks produced by Berrak Mekanik consist of modules fixed to each other with bolts. Thanks to the flexible module system, the optimum amount of water is stored in the storage area and there is no loss of space. Since it is produced in prismatic modules, the water tank installation is completed by assembling it in a very short time in the area of use.

Prismatic modular water tank designs are created according to the size, location and required water storage capacity of the place where the tank will be installed. Modular tanks consist of water inlet spout, water outlet spout, overflow spout, discharge spout, level indicator, lower maintenance cover, upper maintenance cover, ladder and module plates.

Prismatic module panels are fixed with internal tensioners. All internal turnbuckles are manufactured with the same specifications as the material type selected in the modules. While prismatic galvanized modular water tanks are designed from stainless steel, the required minimum wall thickness, the type of material to be used and the position calculations of the tensioners that increase the strength inside the tanks are made in computer environment.

Water tanks installed in parts are very easy to maintain and repair. When necessary, the parts can be renewed independently of each other. In this way, the cost of owning prismatic modular water tanks decreases over the years.

GRP Prismatic Modular Water Tank: It is a type of water tank made of glass fiber reinforced plastic (GRP) material, designed to meet the need for water storage. These water tanks are produced in modules of different sizes and can be combined to achieve large storage capacities. GRP material is an ideal option for water tanks due to its durability, light weight and stainless properties. GRP material is resistant to water and has a long service life.

Prismatic Modular Water Tank Prices

The prices of prismatic modular water tanks vary according to factors such as capacity, properties of the materials used, assembly and transportation. We have different material options for the prismatic modular tanks you want to use in your project. You can get a price quote for the prismatic modular water tank you want by contacting us. You can also get prismatic modular water tank price information from the "Create Your Tank" section on our website.


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Prismatic modular water tanks
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