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Frequently Asked Questions and Useful Information

How to install a modular water tank, how to ensure water-tightness and what materials is the water tank made of?

The main materials of our modular water tank are consisting of a floor plate, roof plate, side panels, brackets and internal tensioners. Epdm rubber gasket is sealed to the panels and connected with bolts. As for water-tightness it is provided by epdm rubber gasket, which is sealed between the panel...

Will there be any damage at the area where the water tank will be built? (Crushing of the concrete, cracking of the ground, etc.)

No it will not be damaged. During the installation of the tank, no crushing or drilling is performed in the area.

What should be the area like where the water tank will be installed?

You need to determine the size of the area that you would like your water tank to be installed. There should be no slope, crack and ground defect on the ground.